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We make the complex seem simple, helping you to achieve your global goals .
We offer the best quality through a process of continuous innovation.
We guarantee peace of mind in the complex legal and tax enviroment and regulations.
We provide solutions with a proven and experienced perpspective focused on achieving results
We help companies with financial advice and corporate operations.
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Tax & Legal Service

Our tax team works hard with you to advise you on the correct interpretation of tax, tax rates and legal standards. Also in the analysis to obtain tax advantages under ...

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Auditing services are vital in demonstrating credibility and for building a reputation, an important fundamental resource in a global economy weakened by business ...

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Business Process Outsourcing

We have a team of expert professionals and specialists in accounting, payroll, financial reports and tax returns for local and or foreign clients. We deliver the best ...

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Latest News
18 de Abril de 2016

Tratamiento Tributario del activo Inmovilizado

La Ley sobre Impuesto a la Renta contiene disposiciones específicas respecto al tratamiento tributario del activo inmovilizado, tanto en lo referido al ...

15 de Abril de 2016

“Compras De Supermercados y Similares” por Gonzalo Betancourt V.

El inciso primero del artículo 31 del Decreto Ley 824 de la Renta, señala que es improcedente la deducción de gastos incurridos en supermercados y ...

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